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In times of loss, everyone experiences grief, whether from the loss of a marriage, the loss of a job, or the loss of a life. "In grief, you are not alone," we often say to comfort grieving loved ones. But tell that to the woman who feels like her world has just been turned inside out. During two inconceivably difficult weeks, author Trish Rankin's life radically morphs into something almost unrecognizable. Her husband dies of an inoperable brain tumor, and, simultaneously, their son suffers liver failure. To move forward together, both as partners and parents, on their "God adventure," Trish and Dr. David Rankin chose to use the techniques she had taught for years in grief programs. In this honest, heartbreaking memoir, Trish lifts the veil on loss. She stares lovingly into the face of what's real: the shock, the agony, the suffering, the hope, the re-emergence, and, eventually, the ability to rediscover joy. Once she finds the strength to lift that metaphorical veil, she realizes that, like the butterfly emerging from its cocoon, her loss is the gateway to an awakening-and perhaps to creating a full life once again. Woven within this inspiring grief journey are techniques to help others on their own path to healing. Trish Rankin's story is one of tragedy, deep struggle, and, ultimately, hope.