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Is there a more spectacular sight than seeing dogs of all shapes and sizes having the time of their lives, doing exactly what they love best? (That’s playing and eating, by the way.)How about making delicious treats for your canine companion to enjoy, and having them look at you with those adoring puppydog eyes all over again?Now you can do both!More than simply a captivating collection of adorable dogs and puppies loving life, GIVE THE DOG A BONE contains over 40 delicious, easy and healthy recipes for doggy treats that your pet is bound to love, from one dog-lover to another, all tried-and-tested by Darcey the miniature Dachshund.Including treats perfect for long walks, everyday recipes, special occasion goodies, training treats and healthy snacks, this is a must for all dog-lovers that will make your faithful friend fall in love with you all over again.

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