sunita shivanand impression materials and techniques

The recent rapid progress in wireless telecommunication, including the Internet of Things, 5th generation wireless systems, satellite broadcasting, and intelligent transport systems has increased the need for low-loss dielectric materials and modern fabrication techniques. These materials have excellent electrical, dielectric, and thermal properties and have enormous potential, especially in wireless communication, flexible electronics, and printed electronics. Microwave Materials and Applications discusses the methods commonly employed for measuring microwave dielectric properties, the various attempts reported to solve problems of materials chemistry and crystal structure, doping, substitution, and composite formation, highlighting the processing techniques, morphology influences, and applications of microwave materials whilst summarizing many of the recent technical research accomplishments in the area of microwave dielectrics and applications Chapters examine: Oxide ceramics for dielectric resonators and substrates HTCC, LTCC and ULTCC tapes for substrates Polymer ceramic composites for printed circuit boards Elastomer-ceramic composites for flexible electronics Dielectric inks EMI shielding materials Microwave ferrites A comprehensive Appendix presents the fundamental properties for more than 4000 low-loss dielectric ceramics, their composition, crystal structure, and their microwave dielectric properties. Microwave Materials and Applications presents a comprehensive view of all aspects of microwave materials and applications, making it useful for scientists, industrialists, engineers, and students working on current and emerging applications of wireless communications and consumer electronics.

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