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This is the life story of Robyn Hode. And of little John. But this is no tale of merry men and greenwood trees. It is about the 'Wolf', a bandit, the scourge of Nottingham. All popular ideas about Robin Hood are challenged here. Yes, he was a charismatic leader, a man of valour and great loyalty, but with faults like every man - faults of arrogance, of deception, of cunning, hate and ruthlessness. Yet this man, this yeoman who could not even read, affected the course of English history. It is the story of Robyn's childhood, his youth, of the events that gave him purpose. It is the story of the rebel earl Simon de Montfort, who captured King Henry III and ruled England for fifteen months, Robyn's liege lord and his enemy. It is the story of a defiant man, an archer supreme, a soldier of unflinching courage, fiercely loyal to the captured King. It is the story of his involvement in great events of the time, the wars with France, the civil wars, the restoration of the king and death of de Montfort. It is a story of love, many loves, of suffering, of battles, many battles, of heroic deeds, of betrayal, of witchcraft, of glory, of desperation and revenge. Above all it is the story of a man so beloved of common folk his deeds have become legends. But legends rarely hold much truth. The real truth is even more remarkable. This then is the story of the 'Wolf'.