price of 3kw mini electric diesel generator in bangladesh

Climate change is more concerned as its effect. A great variety of Green House Gas emission sources in the World. An agricultural country, like Bangladesh cultivated hundreds of thousands hectors of land. The energy source of this irrigation purpose is fossil fuel,mainly diesel. Burning fossil fuel in irrigation system is also a vital source of Green House Gas Emission,not clearly recognized. Tones of Carbon dioxide gas emitted from fossil fuel burning in agricultural field. The Government of an agricultural country should take proper steps to reduce the Green House Gas emission from irrigation sector. The alternative sources might define to solve this problem. In Bangladesh,it is already seen that a dramatic changes occurred regarding the source of energy in irrigation. Most of diesel engine replaced by Electric Motor in Bangladesh. A new era started in irrigation with the use of renewable energy source. Now, the Government of Bangladesh introduces solar system for irrigation energy source. In the coming future,the solar energy might be the lion’s share of energy source of irrigation in Bangladesh. This initiative will take a good look for clean and green environment,reducing GHG.

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