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The essential guide to getting a 401(k) plan back on track While a majority of workers have money invested in their 401(k) plans-and are relying on these funds for retirement-few truly understand how to manage and maintain these accounts, especially during the recent economic downturn. In 2008 alone, most 401(k) holdings declined by twenty percent. These losses, compounded by plan changes, have only led to more confusion. The Second Edition of Getting Started in Rebuilding Your 401(k) Account offers up-to-date answers to frequently asked questions regarding these accounts and contains simple strategies for improving 401(k) returns-including moving money out of company stock, rolling over plans when leaving an employer, and moving some holdings to FDIC insured banks. Explains the basics of 401(k) plans from what they are to how they work Discusses new rules in the 401 (k) arena, from automatic enrollment to how plans can be taxed Includes information on setting financial goals and choosing the investments that are right for you 401(k) plans have become a significant source of retirement funds for many. Learn how to make the most of them with the Second Edition of Getting Started in Rebuilding Your 401(k) Account.

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