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When their dog goes missing during a day trip to London, the Walker family are forced to accept that they may never see Henry again. But as the family search for their beloved pet, the reality of what has happened to Henry never even crosses their minds: Henry has been mistaken for one of the Queen’s prized corgis.Swept into Buckingham Palace, Henry is about to discover how the other half of the dog world lives. Henry’s life with the Walkers is a long way from the world of china dog bowls of the corgi room.But Henry isn’t such an average dog either – and as he explores the palace, getting under the feet of royals and staff alike, this naughty dog will change the residents of Buckingham Palace’s lives in ways they could never have imagined …Heart-warming and irresistibly funny, HENRY: THE QUEEN’S CORGI is the perfect read for fans of A STREET CAT NAMED BOB and A PUG LIKE PERCY.