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BEACH WEDDING is the fifth story in the Emerald Isle, NC Stories series and the third full-length novel. If the reader would like to read the Emerald Isle series in order (recommended), here's the list: BEACH RENTAL (novel), BEACH TOWEL (short story), BEACH WINDS (novel), BEACH WALK (novella), and BEACH WEDDING (novel). Book Description: Maia helped her friends find their happily-ever-afters ~ Now she's ready for her own Along the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the Crystal Coast ~ from THE FRONT STREET GALLERY in Beaufort, NC, to the beaches of Emerald Isle and across Bogue Sound to Morehead City... Maia Donovan watched her friends find true love, and has dreamed of her own happily-ever-after, but wishes and reality don't always match up. When Maia met Joel Sandeford, she thought she'd found a man worth the risk of another broken heart. But she's hesitant. Joel lives out of town and always seems to be working. Maia, too, works long hours and spends most of her time managing THE FRONT STREET GALLERY. She fears the distance and their work ethics may spell disaster. Both Joel and Maia have assumptions and memories from their pasts that make living fully in the present a challenge. Maia doesn't realize the biggest obstacle to her happily-ever-after may be herself, and the memories she's hiding in her heart-that part of her heart that still belongs to her first true love. If Maia can't resolve her fears and give up those old feelings, then findin...