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Geoffrey has a problem. All his life he's lived according to "sensible" sceptical, secular values. Then, his true love left him for a New Age community in Scotland. But it gets worse: now she wants to be a traditional Catholic nun! Geoffrey is bewildered, angry, lost. Until, one Valentine's Day in Ireland, he meets a mysterious guide--the Gentle Traditionalist. Together they commence a most unusual dialogue of ideas concerning:• The Heart of the Gospel• The Real Nature of the Church: A Supernatural Mystery• The Crisis in Catholicism today: the Loss of Tradition• The New Age Movement• Catholic Ireland• Why Secularism gets away with murderBoth whimsical and serious, the dialogue in this book offers a probing exploration of the Catholic Mystery, Christendom, and the crisis of the West today. Join us for a very special Valentine's Day when Geoffrey's barren, rational world gets turned upside down... "This is one of the most unusual books I've ever read ... written throughout with passion and engagement, with a touching and deep-seated love for Ireland."--MARY KENNY, author of Goodbye to Catholic Ireland "As brilliant a guide for the perplexed as this age is capable of producing."--CHARLES COULOMBE, author of Everyman Today Call Rome"The Gentle Traditionalist is a book with a 'strange magic,' like unto the Ireland it loves and mourns. With unforgettable images and a wry sense of humor, Roger Buck unfolds a tale of whimsical f...

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