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I hope after you have read my poetry you come away with one conclusion – that is that I gave my life to “Jesus Christ” on an April day back in 1985 and that he figuratively, literally and physically began to change my life forever. My journey in life has been a constant growing process. Both my earthly and spiritual lives have dramatically changed as my relationship with God grows on a daily basis! All I had to do was accept “Jesus Christ” as my Lord and savior and God said he would take care of the rest. That is when I began to fall in love with God by reading his “word” in the Bible! God taught me about agape love (unconditional love) in spirit and I learned how to take that love and apply to my every day, earthly life, which is very difficult to do. Because of my past, I never learned how to love or be loved, so God has opened my eyes and is teaching me more about love than I ever dreamed of. Throughout all of my poetry, I hope you see a broken human being, trying to be as honest as he can be and learning to love God more and more as each day passes. Until I trusted in God, I was just another guy going through life not caring about anyone but myself. I can’t take any credit for how my life is now, I truly am in God’s hands and God gets all the glory forever!If you are interested in how God uses me today and how God has saved me from my past, please pass on this poetry, and tell your family and friends, how God is able and willing to love everyone if we’re seeking his “agap...

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