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Post Reformation polemics between Protestants and Catholics were still evident in nineteenth-century England. Protestants and Anglicans minimized all Marian expression and devotion by saying less about Mary. Catholics maximized Marian doctrine and devotion, thereby saying more about Mary; hence the title of the book: “Mary More or Less”. As an Anglican John Henry Newman had a personal devotion to the Virgin Mary, but he restricted it and his Marian sermons to the places in Scripture where Mary is specifically mentioned. As a convert to Catholicism Newman found deeper theological insights about Mary as the Second Eve in the Church Fathers. He called the Second Eve doctrine the rudimentary doctrine because of the insight it gave him into the principal Marian doctrines which he tried to explain to Anglican friends, especially Edward Pusey. This book will be of interest to anyone with a historical, theological and philosophical interest in Newman Studies, Teachers and students of Mariology, and Ecumenism will find a starting point for further study. The anticipated audience of this book is: clergy, religious, seminarians, graduate and under-graduate students, and all Friends of Newman.

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