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2nd Edition Sequel to On Tinsel Wings Two years after taking a leap of faith and moving in together, Patrick Harford and Yu Elion decide to make a lasting commitment. Yu will soon graduate art school, while Patrick continues to gain fame and financial stability performing as a drag queen. They want to take the next step on their journey together, but they disagree as to where their path should lead. Patrick longs to put down roots and make a home close to the friends who have supported him. But the realization of Yu's lifelong dream lies on the other side of the world. Can Patrick leave his comfort zone and seize the day for the only man he's ever loved? And what will that mean for his career, the friendships he depends on-and for the friends who depend on him? Either Patrick or Yu will have to sacrifice his dream. But while they struggle to find a solution that will make them both happy, a friend's cry for help removes Patrick's options. With their future together sidetracked, he can only hope their love is strong enough to weather separation. 1st edition published by Dreamspinner Press, June 2014