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Alex Crawford is an aspiring journalist from the rich and affluent neighborhoods of Greenwich, Connecticut. After graduating from college with a degree in journalism, Alex finds it fitting that he accept a summer position as a full-time reporter for the Hampton Herald, a publication based in East Hampton, New York. Alex’s first real-time story has him covering Axton Myers’s, the executive editor of the New York Times, much-anticipated retirement. Much to Alex’s delight, he soon learns that Axton too once used to work at the Hampton Herald, which was formerly known as the Southampton Observer. While continuing to meet with Axton, Alex learns of his broken past, while uncovering an article that Axton wrote as a twenty-two-year-old entitled “The Only Constable.” With the help of his new hires (Audrey and Nathan), Alex is able to meet the man behind the story, Peconic Village Bay Constable Miles Walker. Soon, Alex’s summer starts to heat up as his relationship with Audrey intensifies and his friendship with Nathan grows. While searching for answers, Alex finds himself lonelier than ever before but one step closer to the truth.